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Mr. Jamal El Haj

I was asking around for the best dental implantology dentist when a friend advised me to visit Beirut Implant and Aesthetic Center. I was really scared at the beginning,but when I saw the technology used at this clinic and how advanced it is with implant procedures I decided to go ahead and place implants here. Now I am confident that I have made the right choice. The techniques used; the...

Eshraqa Sumrain

At Beirut Implant Dentistry Center, the doctor takes very good care of the patient. Speaking for myself as a patient, my case has been very difficult and yet the doctor has done everything he could in his power and treated me with a lot of care and attention and has brought excellent results!

In addition to that, the Nurses are always there and give all their attention to the patients...

Mr. Omar Fakih

Coincidences sometimes play a huge role in our lives and we’d be lucky when these coincidences help us reach the right places in life.  Like all people or most of them that care about their dental health, I was very lucky when I came to Beirut Implant Dentistry Center BIDC. My trip with BIDC has been a long one where I’ve found technical excellence, clinical experience and the most advanced...

Dr. Radut Consulting